Most runners are addicted to running and are using it as an excuse to travel the world…nothing wrong with that. Because by combining running and vacations into “Race-Cations,” you also get to experience different cultures, make new friends and experience different places on foot – no better way to explore a city/town.

The de-stressing powers of taking time off, mixed with endorphins that lead to a runner’s high and a sense of accomplishment that comes with running a race, can result in a pretty fantastic vacation. Added to this, running comes with its own set of benefits like prolonging your life expectancy, decrease or prevent back pain and all other diseaces that can be prevented by purely staying active.

BUT – let’s be realistic, there are a few things you need before you can even start thinking about “Race-Cations” – STARTING/TRAINING, TIME and TRAVEL COSTS. This is where Road2Marathon steps in, we take care of it all. Our team of experts in running will give you regular updates on Training & Recovery, Nutrition, Mental Strength, General Physical Health Tips and a Training Programme.

Road2Marathon understands that there is an indestructible bond between runners. Kilometre after kilometer, together they move forward and always willing to go the distance – understanding each other at a different level (more like soulmates). Runners are always there for each other through various pains and victories and it is for this reason that Road2Marathon wants to grow this bond and keep runners connected.

Road2Marathon has also created an array of events leading up to various races where runners can (other than at a the Expo or start of a race) be together (in a more relaxed environment) get to know each other and share their journey and marrying Tar with Rubber – Road2Marathon.

Road2Marathon is ultimately about assisting runners to reach their Fitness Goals through our Holistic Training approach, connect them and wherever possible afford them an opportunity to travel the world doing what they love the most – RUN “Race-Cation”.