Coach a.k.a MrB

About Kevin Burley

Kevin Burley is an internationally trained Executive & Sports Coach. While day to day he spends his time working as “The Fixer” in big corporates, Kevin has managed to also find time to fix some of the ordinary people’s lives – getting them to reach their fitness goals in some incredible record times.

He has the ability to make non runners fall in love with running and even transform them to being Comrades Marathon finishers.

He says it’s all in the mind and good nutrition is essential but more important, the three D’s (DEDICATION, DETERMINATION & DISCIPLINE) MUST be top of the list when it comes to training.


Your Training Program

Welcome to Coaches Corner where you will find useful information on training, nutrition and generally taking care of your body whilst taking part in your Road2Marathon journey.

Before we start the most important thing to remember is that we are all different, especially when we start thinking about gender, age, weight, current fitness level and your desired goals. So stick to your plan, don’t worry about what others are doing.

Those of you who are already running Marathons and Ultras, will no doubt have your own training programme or regime. If you are one of these people and would still like some advice or support then please book and come to one of our seminars, please see dates and venues on our ‘Events Page’. You can also contact us via email on the “Contact Us’ page.

For those of you who have maybe completed a Park Run, a 10km or even a 21.1km race, or even a person who would like to start running and need the help to get going or increase your current runs then read on.

Our programme and plan is designed to get people ready to run a Marathon in July 2020 and if you are one of the lucky ones you will be joining the RunningCoupleZA in running the Mauritius Marathon 2020 in Mauritius. 

So for you beginners lets get you moving. The aim in the month of June is to get you walking/running 4 times a week. Don’t worry about time or pace, no matter what your watch tells you, we just want to get out there on a regular basis. See the plan below.

Beginners – Road2Marathon

Date Time Description Date Time Description
Monday 03-Jun Rest Monday 10-Jun Rest
Tuesday 04-Jun 15 Easy Walk Tuesday 11-Jun 20 Brisk Walk
Wednesday 05-Jun Rest Wednesday 12-Jun Rest
Thursday 06-Jun 15 Easy Walk Thursday 13-Jun 20 Brisk Walk
Friday 07-Jun Rest Friday 14-Jun Rest
Saturday 08-Jun 20 Easy Walk Saturday 15-Jun 20 Brisk Walk
Sunday 09-Jun 25 Easy Walk Sunday 16-Jun 25 Brisk Walk
Date Time Description Date Time Description
Monday 17-Jun Rest Monday 24-Jun Rest
Tuesday 18-Jun 25 Walk plus Jog 5 x 1 lamp pole Tuesday 25-Jun 25 Walk plus Jog 10 x 1 lamp pole
Wednesday 19-Jun Rest Wednesday 26-Jun Rest
Thursday 20-Jun 25 Walk plus Jog 5 x 1 lamp pole Thursday 27-Jun 25 Walk plus Jog 10 x 1 lamp pole
Friday 21-Jun Rest Friday 28-Jun Rest
Saturday 22-Jun 20 Brisk Walk Saturday 29-Jun 20 Brisk Walk
Sunday 23-Jun 35 Walk plus Jog 10 x 2 lamp poles Sunday 30-Jun 35 Walk plus Jog 5 x 4 lamp poles
Date Time Description Date Time Description
Monday 01-Jul Rest Monday 08-Jul Rest
Tuesday 02-Jul 30 Walk x 5 poles  Jog x 5 poles until end Tuesday 09-Jul 30 Jog as long as possible, walk 30 seconds Jog again
Wednesday 03-Jul Rest Wednesday 10-Jul Rest
Thursday 04-Jul 30 Walk x 4 poles  Jog x 6 poles until end Thursday 11-Jul 30 Walk x 2 poles  Jog x 8 Poles
Friday 05-Jul Rest Friday 12-Jul Rest
Saturday 06-Jul 40 Walk x 4 poles  Jog x 6 poles until end Saturday 13-Jul 40 Jog 3mins, Walk 1min repeat until end
Sunday 07-Jul 45 Jog for 3mins, Walk 1 min repeat until end Sunday 14-Jul 45 Jog 4mins, Walk 1 min repeat until end
Date Time Description Date Time Description
Monday 15-Jul Rest Monday 22-Jul Rest
Tuesday 16-Jul 15 Jog, No walking Tuesday 23-Jul 20 Jog, No walking
Wednesday 17-Jul Rest Wednesday 24-Jul Rest
Thursday 18-Jul 20 Jog, No walking Thursday 25-Jul 20 Walk, No Jogging
Friday 19-Jul Rest Friday 26-Jul Rest
Saturday 20-Jul 30 Walk/Jog 50/50% Saturday 27-Jul Sub 45 Durban Park Run – 5km
Sunday 21-Jul 35 Jog for 5mins, Walk 1 min repeat until end Sunday 28-Jul Rest

If you are a real beginner, in that you haven’t exercised this much for a log time, them please visit a doctor if you are finding walking difficult or painful, best to be safe than end up in hospital.

As a beginner you may find that you have a few aches and pains during or afteryour walk. Mild discomfort will be normal but any serious pains then as above go visit a doctor and get checked out.

In order for you to be able to come on this journey and remain injury free, we do suggest you invest in a good pair of running shoes. Please go to a specialized sports shop and ask them to help you find a beginners pair of running shoes. So people wear a fashion sports shoe or takkies, which offers you no protection from the pounding of your body on the road.

We will also try to give you some tips on eating and nutrition in order to make your running more enjoyable and fuelling your body easier. The key message this month is to ensure you start hydrating properly. During exercise you will all sweat, as this is the body’s way of cooling you down. Without exercise your body needs water,with the recommended amount being around 2 litres of water a day, so if you are exercising you will need to take more water on board. A good tip is to find a 1 litre drinks bottle and fill with pure water and make sure you drink 2 bottles a day. Try to avoid flavoured waters as these can contain high levels of sugar.

For the more advanced runners, please click on the link below and you will be connected with our Nurtition specialist, who has a number of useful Podcasts on how to fuel yourself for endurance sports.